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Calderone Bullock LLC offers a new approach to our clients needs. Our experienced attorneys bring a fresh energy to intellectual property and corporate law. We pride ourselves on our values of client service, integrity and teamwork.

COVID-19 Update

Calderone Bullock LLC is dedicated to the health and safety of its staff and clients. We continue to monitor the situation in response to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are following the guidelines from the federal and state governments, as well as the CDC’s recommendations. We remain available 24/7 to continue to respond to and provide legal assistance to our clients. Our offices remain open during regular business hours, and we are providing telecommuting options for our attorneys and staff. If you are in need of counsel, please contact us at 856.446.6047.

Why Us?

Calderone Bullock LLC is a full service Intellectual Property and Commercial law firm servicing local clients in Philadelphia, PA, and New Jersey, as well as international clients. Our clients comprise a wide range of company sizes from small, independent inventors to large, Fortune 500 companies. We value productive and creative approaches to problems and client needs. At Calderone Bullock, our clients are our partners, and we approach our clients’ issues and concerns with level of depth and commitment equal to that of our clients.


We can help you search, file and protect your ideas and inventions.

Copyrights & Trademarks

We can assist you to claim and protect your designs and works that you've worked hard to create.


Our attorneys can help defend and protect your intellectual property from infringement.

Our Acclaimed Attorneys


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Today in History

July 16, 1799: Napoleon Stumbles Across the Rosetta Stone

On this day in 1799, Napoleon’s soldiers were digging up old buildings stones to be recycled to fortify a fort in Rashid (then, Rosetta) in the Nile delta and uncovered the Rosetta Stone.

Over 50 trademarks that include “Rosetta” or “Rosetta Stone” are registered at the US Patent and Trademark Office. Most of these are for language-, translation-, puzzle- or cryptography-related products and services. The trademark laws categorize such marks as “suggestive” for they merely hint at or “suggest” the characteristics of the underlying goods or services but do not describe them outright.

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#TodayinHistory: July 14, 1885, United States Patent No. 322,177 for “Cabinet Bed” issued to Sarah E. Goode of Chicago, Illinois, the first patent known to be awarded to an inventor that was a free black woman. #womeninhistory #blacklivesmatter

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