Read This Before You Sign: Why You Need an Attorney to Review Your Contract

Do I really need a lawyer to review a contract? Why you need to think twice before you “rubber stamp” that contract.

I get it. You have bigger things to worry about than the boilerplate, legal “mumbo jumbo” you see in the contracts that come across your desk every day. You look at the price, the term length, and the “big” details that you negotiated. If those things are there, you are satisfied. You quickly sign on the “dotted line” and move on to the next pressing issue that your business is dealing with that day.

Not so fast. As a business owner, you should know exactly what you are signing. Every detail. You should have a trusted legal advisor explain what all of the terms and conditions are in the contract and help you document a contract that protects your business.

A good business lawyer will make sure you get all of the details that you negotiated documented correctly in the contract. In most situations when two parties are signing a deal that they negotiated, everybody is happy and agreeable when closing the deal.

However, after months or years go by and you realize that you now have a problem with your contract, the relationship between the parties will not be as cordial. This is why it is important to get a savvy business lawyer involved early to make sure that the document that you are signing reflects your exact understanding of what you negotiated.

There are many tricky “standard” provisions inserted in commercial agreements that will need the guidance of a business lawyer. From auto renewal clauses, representations and warranties, intellectual property concerns, and indemnification and insurance requirements—a good business lawyer will guide you through the meaning and impact that these provisions will have for your business and will make sure that you get a contract that provides your business with maximum protection.

Don’t go at it alone and leave yourself exposed. Getting a trusted legal advisor involved early in the process will prevent the headaches that you can have down the road if your deal turns sour.

Ready to make sure your business is properly protected? Contact Calderone Bullock Ward LLC now!

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